Here at Insert Blank we take security very serious. Every day people with bad intent try to gain access to things that don’t belong to them. Let us help you protect your resources and improve your projects’ security. Here are just a few things that happen on every single system and application at Insert Blank:

  • KernelCare. Because patching a system is something you HAVE to do… trying to find that happy median when the time is alright with the client and the customers might be hard. With this in mind we decided to take out the need for downtime. With KernelCare we are able to live patch and constantly get up to date Kernel patches without the need for a reboot.
  • 2 Factor Authentication.  Every application, website, and server we have at Insert Blank is protected with 2 factor authentication. Not only do you require the correct log in name and password, but you require a time sensitive, one time use password.
  • Latest Code. If we are building you an application, website or even a full server, rest assured we are using the latest version of code. Furthermore we are always updating our code and applications.

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